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30-Day Minimalism Challenge


A friend of mine and I went through the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge. Several of the items on the list are habits I practice regularly already (for example, all notifications are set to off on my phone; it’s the first thing I do when I download any app, and I keep it on silent unless expecting a call), but I thought it would be fun to have a concentrated, focused refresh, something I could complete mindfully and without reservation.

This was actually quite difficult, not because it was difficult to achieve the challenges, but because I couldn’t think of any way to do them that I hadn’t already been doing in my life, generally. In addition, I got very excited about the prospect of doing some of these things that I would go through several of them over one weekend, rather than taking the time out of my daily activity to mindfully complete a task each day.

Normally I take no issue with redefining challenges based on what you personally decide is the best way to complete them, but for me, this challenge was less about practicing minimalism and more about taking a concentrated effort to focus on one item per day. It’s very easy to get caught up in the demands of life that just taking a few moments — half an hour, even — seems impossible.

I still think I did pretty well, but would benefit from doing something like this more than once a year. Perhaps next time I’ll take cue from these tasks and create a 30-day challenge that would fit my life better.

[30 Day Minimalism Challenge]


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